The first instalment of what I’m going to call a series called “Lazy Nights”.. which basically involves me being incredibly tired after working in a kitchen all day long, and possibly feeling uninspired to cook some evenings – but, nonetheless, one of my favourite ways to ‘wind down’ in the evening is to prepare my partner his dinner and his lunch for the next day. If I’m feeling rather tired or uninspired, the food is usually a mishmash of whatever is in the fridge. However, I always try to make it innovative and delicious! So, I thought I’d share these ‘real-time’ recipes – they may not be fancy, but they are easy and delicious. Most recipes in these series will yield 2-3 serves (My partner eats big, but one  of these recipes will feed him for both his dinner and lunch the next day!)

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Lentil, Tomato & Pumpkin Pasta Bake

Pasttttta bake.. it’s one of my go-to’s when meal prepping for my partner! It’s also my favourite because it’s so simple, you can add any vegetables you like and it’s also incredibly satisfying taking the first spoonful out of a freshly baked pasta bake (Crispy crust – you hear me?!)
The cheesy vegan béchamel is also my favourite, it’s so quick to whip up and is a great recipe to have on hand when in need of a super fast cheese sauce alternative.

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Epic Vegan Enchiladas

Ohhh, baby.
I’ve been meaning to share this for a while.
These enchiladas are the bomb-diggity, filled with loads of sweet potato, lentils, eggplant, mushroom and laced with an array of spices – cumin, paprika, garlic, onion, chilli and more. Smothered in a super easy yet delicious enchilada sauce, melted vegan cheese, aa drizzle of vegan sour cream and zesty salsa. Yaaaas, please.


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Crispy Tandoori Cauliflower Wings with Coconut Mint Yoghurt

So, I tried making cauliflower wings for the first time a few months ago – I was initially very skeptical, but surprisingly enough – cauliflower really stepped up to the plate! Prior to making wings, I’d never really bothered to eat cauliflower as I always found it rather boring. THINK AGAIN!


As a kid, Indian takeaway was my favourite. In particular, the Tandoori Chicken that used to come smothered in bright red, delicious Tandoor spices and come with that to-die for mint yoghurt. So, something clicked in my lil’ brain and these little delights were born.

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