Crispy Tandoori Cauliflower Wings with Coconut Mint Yoghurt

So, I tried making cauliflower wings for the first time a few months ago – I was initially very skeptical, but surprisingly enough – cauliflower really stepped up to the plate! Prior to making wings, I’d never really bothered to eat cauliflower as I always found it rather boring. THINK AGAIN!


As a kid, Indian takeaway was my favourite. In particular, the Tandoori Chicken that used to come smothered in bright red, delicious Tandoor spices and come with that to-die for mint yoghurt. So, something clicked in my lil’ brain and these little delights were born.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut Truffles

Okay. Well, it’s been a long time since I have posted anything here. Life just, y’know – gets busy. Plus WordPress gives me a headache and I’d rather try take pictures with a potato than try to figure out how to make my blog look all fancy sch’mancy.. But, hey – if anyone out there wants to give me a hand.. please, I’m all ears!

So, without further notice – Here’s a wee recipe. It’s something I conjured up at work for the lovely team at Cocomamas in Melbourne (So if you’re in the area, do stop by!) But I figured since 90% of my following lives overseas, it’s not really fair I just let this be gobbled by my close friends, and it made sense that – you know, you should try make em too.


These Donut Truffles are basically a soft, vanilla & cinnamon donut.. But raw, vegan and filled with gooey peanut butter & sweet raspberry jam (which isn’t technically raw but I don’t care – fill it with whatever the heck you like)

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